Yo no he sido online dating

A bit of inspiration and motivation is needed at times of dating trial and error.

In the good old days – like when your grandparents were young, or like in (a fictional reference, yes, but we can dream) - it was the norm for two people to meet, say, on the train or at a dance (yeah, at a dance), and they would fall in love. No digital woes or dating apps involved (or possible, granted).

Oh well, that brief smitten feeling was fun while it lasted. A new story of how you met must be fabricated and put in place in case you get married.

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SHORT OF THE MONTH: YO NO HE SIDO Director: Ángel Ripalda Writer: Santiago Taboada Cast: Raúl del Pozo, Juan del Pozo, Elena Furiase Year: 2015 I normally talk here about shorts with a longer fest and awards story but this month I am making an exception with YO NO HE SIDO, an ECAM (Madrid Cinema School) project made by the students Ángel Ripalda (director) and Santiago Taboada (writer).

A work that has just started to be distributed in fests – it was at La Mano Horror Fest and FIAV Casablanca- and that I am sure it will have a good reception in the new ones .

Everyone you know has dabbled in online dating, and while you used to mock your friends as they urgently swiped to find love, mentioning again and again how you would never resign to such measures, you did eventually sign up too. You learn a few things about yourself when using dating apps, namely that you find 99 percent of people online unattractive.

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You hold sacred those rare stories about people that have found love through dating apps.

An Instagram message request is creepy enough, but how on on... Spotting the profile of a co-worker or distant acquaintance is awkward, seeing an ex is not fun, but the worst is seeing the partner of someone you know... You can’t really be hurting their feelings anyway because they don’t exist in your real life, so therefore aren’t real, right?

One minute you're talking to somebody non-stop for hours, and the next they will go cold and ignore your messages.

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