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It still didn't feel like enough.'Niemi tells The Times that their one big regret was never having children She also reveals how her husband was always faithful, adding: 'He was quite a prude.

As I had time to process the change my life was going to take, my doubts became less and less, and I became more and more sure.” On Sunday, Niemi walked down the aisle and said “I do” to De Prisco before more than 50 family and friends.

“I have to say, that the love I have for Patrick was never in conflict or competition with my feelings for Albert,” she tells PEOPLE. ” Niemi says accepting the proposal was “a leap of faith” despite making her question whether or not she could spend her life with someone else.

“I found myself grappling with my feelings of having been married to Patrick for 34 years! Yes, get married, no, don’t get married,” she says.

I remember after Patrick died, I pulled into a parking garage, and the very nice lady at the kiosk handed me a ticket, offered her condolences, and shared sadly, “I lost my daughter in a car accident.” “Fourteen years ago,” adding solemnly, “You never forget.” She’s not the only one to echo that sentiment to me. And I was thrown into a world I never wanted to know.

And six years out from the death of my husband, it’s certainly been true for me. In this grieving, my faith in life’s goodness and purpose has been severely tested. Turned from an adventure to an “Okay, you win,” situation??

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