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Arzam Farrokhi, an Iranian native now living in New York, drops rose petals on Ali's grave Ali, 74, died a little over a week ago from septic shock due to unspecified natural causes.

The boxer, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, was laid to rest Friday as more than 15,000 people attended his funeral James Terry, a Louisville native, carried a map of the cemetery, marking the family plot on the other side where he will one day be buried.

He delighted at the idea he will share the same dirt as The Champ.'My heart is beating really fast right now, I'm in awe of this moment,' he said.

'I never got a chance to meet him when he was alive. It's just beautiful to be standing here.'And Ali joins other household names buried there including KFC founder Colonel Harlan Sanders, and Patty Hill, the primary school teacher who co-wrote with her sister Mildred the tune to ‘Happy Birthday’.

In internal strategy documents, Louisville vowed to "write the next chapter for college athletics, for streetwear and fashion." Adidas, a .9 billion corporation, would have access not only to the university's amateur athletes but also to the business, law and music schools to help create and market new products.

As the participants prepared for Day 2, Julianne Waldron, Louisville's associate athletic director of marketing and an architect of the deal, received a call."Julianne, there's a story that just broke.

One of the largest all-school sponsorship agreements in Adidas' history, it was much more than a shoe deal. They had flown in from as far away as Europe -- marketers and athletic performance specialists, top designers from Adidas' secretive Brooklyn Creator Farm. 26, more than two dozen Adidas employees gathered inside a gym at the University of Louisville.Early in her career, she had been deputy director of radio during the Clinton presidency, only to see her work life taken over by the White House sex scandal."This is worse," she says.ON A BRIGHT Saturday afternoon in November, Jurich sits inside the Palm Pavilion Beachside Bar & Grill in Clearwater Beach, Florida, having lunch with his wife, Terrilynn, and two of their close friends.

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