Places to go dating in nyc obchodnici s auty online dating

For me, going to a bar is like being out on a hunting safari.

I want to bag the lioness - the most beautiful and feared predator out there.

There are hunting grounds in NYC that I do particularly well in when I'm not in the mood for Tinder, which is rare.

Midtown East From Kips Bay all the way up to Sutton Place, the East Side is a watering hole for young lionesses in the making.

For the record, that's not a real type of lion - don't bother Googling "Brazilian lion." Happy hunting!

Every once in a while, I get the sudden urge to step away from the screen and try to meet guys IRL.

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I clean up at these establishments for two reasons: As mentioned above, these places are known for creating incredibly sloppy nights for all visitors, lowering inhibitions across the board.The lioness is out in the wild (hot girl at a bar), and I have to be a crafty hunter or I'll end up its prey (be a smooth talker or I'll get rejected).Tinder is like putting a tracking device on the aforementioned lioness and then handcuffing its legs so it basically has no chance at escaping.I know, I'll give you a second to recover from the shock.Hey, a girl can only swipe left and right for so long!

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