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It is thought that he was not paying attention when he swerved into an oncoming truck.

Pastore is the latest addition to a solid ensemble, which includes regulars Robert Loggia and Annabella Sciorra as well as Kyra Sedgwick, who recently signed on to recur on the show.

Although the Wayans brothers are featured in this movie as well as helping to write and produce, this is really a multi-generational Wayans film.

Damien Wayans, the nephew of Damon, Shawn, Marlon, and Keenen directs and Damon Wayans Jr.

There's a vague plot, but it's hardly important.

Dear Reader: There's a very good reason you can't find the website that says Eminem is dead — it was deleted almost as soon as it went up.

Exactly the same article was posted on a fake MTV page, now deleted as well.17 that Slim Shady, aka Eminem, died in a car crash at in the morning.

MTV will be having a special memorial program for him.

Another reader forwarded me the URL just before I received your message, but when I tried to access the page — which I'm told was a decent-looking spoof of CNN's online news site — it was nowhere to be found.

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    :) Kaufmann and Harteros are a fabulous duo; for me, they save that oddball Munich Lohengrin from 2009. I'd literally kill for it, (well, kill a mosquito). I've just watched Pavol Breslik in Lucrezia Borgia and I thought he was pretty good. Love the sets, and the singers (at least those I've heard so far) are all wonderful. Just finished watching, now in love with Adriana Kučerov who played Gretel. Thank goodness you reminded me Aksel, I'd forgotten I even posted this.

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    After a brief time spent on the beach, the Hide My Heart singer took a turn on the ocean by mounting a wave rider.