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There was literally not a single bed in the whole country. For some while now, I’ve been hearing that Brexit will be a disaster for the NHS because doctors from the EU will not be able to come here to work.

Yet latest figures have shown such fears to be unfounded.

At times I wondered if I was at the theatre or the zoo.

So many of the children lacked any real discipline.

Data from the General Medical Council shows that the number of EU doctors granted a licence to practise in the UK did indeed fall by 8 per cent between January last year and May this year.

However, the number of licences granted to doctors from outside Europe has increased by 17 per cent since the referendum last June.

We need to have an honest conversation about what we want from our health service and what we are all willing to pay — and I’m just not sure Hunt is up to the job.

We need someone who will ask the questions that politicians have been too scared to broach. He’s got the intelligence and courage it would take.

In 2013, a comprehensive review of published evidence concluded that smacking a child does no long-term psychological harm provided they know that it is for a particular reason and, above all, they feel loved. I knew as a child that when I was naughty, I’d get a clip round the legs, but overall that my parents loved me.Yet in recent years there have been very vocal campaigns to criminalise any physical chastisement of children.Just this week, the day after I’d been to the theatre, research was published suggesting smacking toddlers risked turning them into aggressive teenagers.He stood up on his seat and proceeded to clamber over the other theatre-goers.His mother apologised profusely and tried to follow him along the row, pleading with him to return to his seat. His reign of terror continued for most of the performance.

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