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The words of Langston Hughes, Gordon Parks, Frank Marshall Davis, and Grant Cushinberry allow the author to examine the "ambiguous and arbitrary racial atmosphere" of early twentieth-century Kansas, as well as "the persistence of Black Kansans in their efforts to survive and prevail." Tidwell, John Edgar.

Livin' the Blues: Memoirs of a Black Journalist and Poet. The autobiography of a prominent African-American journalist who grew up in Arkansas City, attended Friends University and later Kansas State. "Dreams Deferred: The Personal Narratives of Four Black Kansans." American Studies 34 (Fall 1993): 25-51.

From Brown to Bakke: The Supreme Court and School Integration, 1954-1978. Considers the legacy of Brown through subsequent segregation cases. Wilson, one of four assistants to Attorney General Harold Fatzer, was counsel for the state of Kansas in Brown.

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