Automate the entry and updating of routing information

Security and New Features The Role section of each feature in this guide identifies the security privilege and job role required to use the feature.

If feature setup is required, then the Application Implementation Consultant job role is required to perform the setup unless otherwise indicated.

This feature is enabled by selecting the Enable checkbox in the Setup and Maintenance work area.

Enable Feature: Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received To enable the Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received feature: Capture Serial Numbers at Pick Simplify your material handling in the warehouse for serialized goods and delay identification of serial numbers until the last possible point in your materials management lifecycle.

We make frequent additions to this document, so don’t forget to check back and get the latest information before your update starts.

As a Warehouse Manager or Shipping Manager, you can define sets of shipping documents, called Shipping Document Sets, and use them to generate shipping documents at pick release or shipping confirmation.You can opt in to a feature in two ways: by using the New Features work area, or by using the Setup and Maintenance work area.To opt in using the New Features work area: Update Tasks This section gives you information to help you plan, deploy, and validate your update.Use the Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for Financial and Supply Chain Management and Related Applications page to create and manage your shipping document job sets.You can define a group of standard or user-defined shipping reports as document sets.

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